Children’s Endowment Fund

c1f5f0_1b19ad145f26b69bcf4eb40e81e400f0The Children’s Endowment Fund (“CEF”) was founded in 2002 by the Justinian Society of Lawyers as a charitable and benevolent arm of the Justinian Society of Lawyers, and the CEF has since merged with the Justinian Society of Lawyers’ Endowment Fund.  The mission of the CEF is to assist and aid disadvantaged or disabled children, without regard to ethnicity, race or religion.  A child, as defined for the purpose of the CEF, is any individual 18 years old or younger.

Since its inception, the CEF has granted over $40,000.00 to individuals and organizations affiliated with bettering the lives of children.  Some fine examples of the organizations the CEF has granted in the past are: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Chicago Public Schools, the Illinois Eye Institute (provides reading glasses to underprivileged children), the Otis Wilson Foundation (provides after school activities for at risk children), Giant Steps (a school dedicated solely to autistic children) and Cameron Cares .

Members of the Justinian Society of Lawyers have contributed precious time, talent, and resources to CEF in the form of fundraising through Treasure Hunts and Silent Raffles, providing direct services to Chicago Public Schools by acting as readers to grade school children and through direct contributions of money.

The aim of the CEF is to continue to provide assistance consistent with its mission throughout the Chicago land community.

Inquiries for future grants shall be accepted in writing and directed to:

Justinian Society of Lawyers Endowment Fundhandprint-red
Attn: Children’s Endowment Fund
PO Box 3217
Oak Brook, IL 60522